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Delaware Public Media's coverage of the stories and people that make the First State unique, including its hometown sports scene.
  • In response to an increased demand for cabin camping in the First State, Lums Pond State Park is adding the option to its campground.
  • No single musician or band exemplified the Golden Age of music. The likes of Led Zepplin, Bob Dylan, and David Bowie inspired a generation while reflecting the social changes of the time.Photographer Larry Hulst covered much of it for the past five decades, capturing the legendary musicians and singers of that era.And you can now step back in time and relive those concerts and performances at the Biggs Museum of American Art. Its new exhibit “Front Row Center: Icons of Rock, Blues and Soul” showcases Hulst’s visual anthology of the most celebrated musicians and their music from 1970–1999.For this week’s edition of Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media's Kyle McKinnon spoke with Larry Hulst and Laura Fravel – Curator at the Biggs – about the new exhibit and the indelible influence of the Golden Age of music.
  • The term “influencer” gets thrown around a lot. These online celebrities are known for advertising products to followers, often leading to impulse buying decisions by viewers.But some on the internet are beginning to take a step back and question the motives behind these social media recommendations, launching a new category known as “de-influencers.”In this week’s Enlighten Me, University of Delaware senior and Delaware Public Media intern Meg Roessler looks at how this new wave of content creators is taking apps such as TikTok by storm and making users question, ‘Do I really need to buy this?’
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  • The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation’s new exhibit details the story of the original ship’s last battle.
  • In the ultra-competitive world of college sports, recruiting programs dangle scholarships, exposure, and a quality education to snag prized student-athletes.Until recently, those athletes couldn’t further capitalize on their skills or celebrity. A 2021 U.S. Supreme Court changed that, giving student-athletes the right to cash in on their Name, Image, and Likeness, or NIL.Last week, we sat down with University of Delaware athletic director Chrissi Rawak to learn more about the impact of NIL and how it works at UD. The Green continues that conversation this week, learning how NIL is working on the ground at UD with women’s basketball player Tara Cousins and head football coach Ryan Carty.
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  • The Delaware Forest Service encourages Delawareans to keep their eyes out for spongy moth egg masses this spring.
  • Loblolly Acres, an event venue nestled in Kent County, is starting its own nonprofit called The Art Society at Loblolly Acres.Together, Cheryl Epps – owner of Loblolly Acres, an Epps family-run farm since 1964 – and Angela Zielen – a Professional Dancer with First State Ballet Theatre and Director of Event Management at Loblolly Acres – hope their new arts nonprofit can both make a difference in the community and attract artists from all walks of life.On this week’s edition of Arts Playlist, Delaware Public Media’s Kyle McKinnon caught up with Epps and Zielen to talk about their nonprofit and the importance of arts to a community.
  • The University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication unveiled the winners of its 2022 Voices of UD audio essay contest conducted last fall.The contest’s theme was “More Than a Number,” with students submitting 1-4 minute recorded essays sharing how being treated like a number affected their lives as well as their families and communities. First, second, and third-place award-winners were selected from a field of 10 finalists.For this week’s Enlighten Me, we give you a chance to hear the top 3 from senior Zoe Shapiro (third place), senior Esha Shah (second place), and sophomore Gianni Dollard (first place).