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AMA approves Delaware doctors' plan to automate prior authorization

The American Medical Association (AMA) is giving Delaware doctors the green light to automate the prior authorization process.

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Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Delawareans search for LGBTQ social spaces

Communities continue to celebrate Pride Month with LGBTQ-focused events in Delaware. But some in New Castle County say there aren’t enough LGBTQ social spaces.

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Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

Unionized commercial cleaners, labor organizers and lawmakers gathered in Wilmington Friday in support of a $15 dollar minimum wage.


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Legislation helping inmates reduce their fees and fines is being amended to also help people outside of prison.

Delaware’s outgoing Elections Commissioner Elaine Manlove says she approves of Gov. John Carney’s pick to replace her.

Courtesy of the Delaware Juneteenth Association

The Delaware Juneteenth Association is marking its 25th anniversary by bringing back its Juneteenth parade— which was on hold for years because of a lack of funding.

Sophia Schmidt / Delaware Public Media

Federal regulators have found toxic PFAS chemicals in some foods during tests in eight states, including Delaware.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration confirmed that it found different levels of the chemicals in 14 kinds of meat and fish, and other foods including sweet potatoes, lettuce, and chocolate cake, in the tests in October 2017.

Larry Nagengast / Delaware Public Media

Delaware Public Media has previously reported on historic preservation in the First State - specifically what appears to be a shaky track record on the issue in New Castle County where a number of buildings have fallen  victim to neglect and become beyond repair. 

But some New Castle County Council members are trying to improve the situation, creating a new working group to address it.

Contributor Larry Nagengast takes a look at that group and what it hopes to accomplish.

Tom Byrne / Delaware Public Media

While New Castle County’s new Historic Preservation Working Group is finding its footing, a familiar situation that troubles preservationists is now playing out in southern New Castle County.

Blenheim Homes, the builder of the Bayberry community north of Middletown, is asking the county’s Historic Review Board for permission to raze a farmhouse and barn, known as the J. Houston House, because of its deteriorated condition.

Serafin Summer Music

Summer is the time for outdoor concerts, and a new festival is offering over a weeks’ worth later this month.


It’s called the Serafin Summer Music Festival.

In this week’s Enlighten Me, we return to WMPH and Mount Pleasant High School in the Brandywine School District – one of the two schools we’ve partnered with on our to our Generation Voice Youth Media project.

Students there, and at our other partner WMHS at McKean High School in the Red Clay School District, produce a whole host of interviews and features throughout the year.

And again this week we showcase one of the student interviews with a local music artist. 

This one is from Tori Rupert, who is wrapping up her freshman year at Mount Pleasant.  She sat down with E.B. Hawkins.

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Legislation allowing school districts to raise taxes without seeking voters’ approval stalled in a House committee this week.