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Embracing the spirit of its name (The Green in Dover and the New Castle Green), The Green will provide an open-air meeting place for Delawareans to discuss events, consider issues and share ideas. This radio and online magazine will present the highest quality Delaware news and information. Through informed reporting, nuanced storytelling and in-depth interviews, The Green reaches past stereotypes and knee-jerk reactions to encourage a fuller, more robust discovery of Delaware, today.

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The Christina School District continues make progress toward implementing a Memorandum of Understanding with the state to reorganize its Wilmington schools.  But the path to the finish line is not without obstacles.

Contributor Larry Nagengast looks at issues still on the horizon in this latest effort to improve schools in the state’s largest city.

Sarah Mueller

Thanks to Delaware’s 2014 Medicaid expansion, tens of thousands of low-income adults in Delaware were able to access preventive medical services. But one piece was missing: dental coverage.

Artificial intelligence is a term we’re all pretty familiar with, but how much do we really know about it beyond the way its portrayed in pop culture and science fiction.

What is the state of A.I. right now and where is it headed? And does A.I mean to you and me – both now and in the future?

These questions have both practical and philosophical implications – and the latest "A Matter of Facts" podcast from Delaware Humanities tries to sort through some them with Dr. Susan Schneider. 

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Sophia Schmidt / Delaware Public Media

Regional planners hope to solve flooding problems on Wilmington’s E. 7th Street Peninsula, where sea level rise could eventually make the flooding worse. Many business owners there don’t want to move, and some want to see more development.


Delaware Public Media

Sussex County could see its second public charter school by 2021 if one educator has her way.



March is Women’s History Month. And the Cantabile Women’s Chorus is marking the occasion, with a concert called “Finding Our Voice” in Lewes on March 24th.



Last fall, the University of Delaware's Center for Political Communication held its second annual audio essay contest, with the theme "Voices Matter."  It was held in conjunction with The Center for Political Communication’s National Agenda series “Midterm Matters,” which included the 2018 Delaware Debates Delaware Public Media helped produce last October.

Dozens of students participated by producing a wide range personal and emotional audio essays and Delaware Public Media was proud to help judge the entries.

Earlier this week, 10 finalists were honored at UD,  and the first second and third place award winners were announced.  And this week in our Enlighten Me segment, we present the 3 award winning essays.

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