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Nat'l Weather Service says Delaware saw second tornado Tuesday

The National Weather Service says a second tornado did touch down in First State during Tuesday’s tropical storm.

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Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

With statute of limitations on McDole case almost up, chance of prosecution seems slim

Nationwide protests over police brutality have renewed outrage over the 2015 killing of wheelchair-user Jeremy McDole by Wilmington police. Time is running out to reconsider charging the officers involved.

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Innovative Schools Inc., the nonprofit public school resource center that is managing the Delaware Leadership Project certification program for aspiring principals, was founded in 2002 with a much narrower purpose: to help new charter schools obtain financing to acquire buildings needed to house their programs.

The organization raised $5 million from local foundations to establish a loan guaranty fund that subsequently helped seven charter schools purchase or construct adequate facilities.

Earlier this week, Governor Jack Markell was named the new vice chairman of the national Governors Association (NGA) at its annual meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah.  In his weekly message, Gov. Markell highlights the issues he and other governors across the nation discussed as part of the meeting and how he expects his new role as NGA vice chairman will assist his efforts to tackle those issues in Delaware.

Governor's Weekly Message

Governor Jack Markell

DOVER – The State Board of Education Thursday approved Secretary of Education Lillian Lowery’s recommendations to keep two charter schools open, but on probation. The Charter School Accountability Committee had originally recommended that the two schools, Pencader Charter High School and Reach Academy for Girls, have their charters revoked. The schools have faced serious financial and leadership issues.

Around four in ten Delaware public school students failed to meet new state proficiency standards in both reading and math during the 2010-11 school year, according to results from an overhauled testing system, released on Thursday.

In science, fewer than half the students met higher standards set by the Delaware Comprehensive Assessment System (DCAS), while around 60 percent made the grade in social studies.

For some, it's become as much a part of their morning routine as the morning newspaper or that first cup of coffee. They go right to their inbox or smart phone to check for it. And when it comes, they excitedly tell friends about it.

When Gannett’s DealChicken hatches in Delaware Aug. 2, it will join two other media-run online deal services. Delmarva Broadcasting Co. (DBC) for nearly three years has featured Get It Half Off. Delaware Today in March started the Deal of the Day program.

Unlike the national LivingSocial and Groupon, Get It Half Off features new deals every Monday at 10 a.m., and there are several deals. There are other differences. In addition to a dedicated e-mail subscription, deals are also promoted on Delmarva’s 11 radio stations, which run from Wilmington to Salisbury, Md.

Can a deal-of-the-day help your business? Take stock before you sign on. “Make the economics work for you,” said Justin Silva, social media manager for the Archer Group.

  1. 1. Shop around.

    There are lots of sites out there now, both local and national. The size of the subscriber list—which provides visibility—may affect your choice. Remember, too, that many subscribers will share the deal with friends who may not be subscribers.


A thrilling run by the U.S. squad at the 2011 Women's World Cup in Germany captured the attention of die-hard soccer aficionados and even some more casual fans of the sport. From a last second overtime goal that helped the U.S. slip past Brazil in the quarterfinals to Sunday's agonizing loss to Japan on penalty kicks in the final, U.S. Soccer proved it remains a force on the world stage.

Governor Jack Markell discusses the impact law enforcement had on creating new laws to help keep Delaware safer. Delaware has taken great strides in having stricter laws against people who are multiple offenders of drunk driving. The Governor says that there will be new approaches to funding law enforcement to put more state troopers on patrol to support local law enforcement. Delaware has adopted three new gun safety measures to help keep guns out of the hands of people deemed unfit and to help law enforcement stop gun violence.

Governor's Weekly Message

The Delaware AeroSpace Education Foundation (DASEF) has been taking kids “from earth to space” for 22 years. DASEF’s latest addition to their 90 acre site in Smyrna is the new Innovation Technology Exploration Center (ITEC), a three-story learning center for both the public and DASEF classes.

Although the ITEC looks completed on the outside, it is nearly bare on the inside. DASEF is hoping its exciting classes will attract donors, as well as its award-winning “green” energy solutions. DFM News went to DASEF to tour the ITEC and joined one of the many classes there.