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Meet Delaware's new Teacher of the Year

Rebecca Baer
Delaware Public Media

Delaware named its 2022 Teacher of the Year this week

The honor goes to Jahsha Tabron, a special education teacher at Brandywine High School.

Tabron is co-teacher in English classes there with a primary focus on ninth-grade special education students transitioning to the high school.

And we visited with her in her classroom at Brandywine High.

Tabron wants to advocate more for special education students, and notes the face of special education isn’t always what we believe it is.

She wants to give a voice to those students who fall through the cracks.

“I wish people would look more at the students who need the support but don’t look like they need the support and we need funding for those kids," said Tabron. "We need funding, supports where we’re providing whatever - the fidget, the technology - they deserve to have books that are adapted to their level.  They deserve to have a lot of things that we don’t necessarily look at because we’re always looking at the kids who are the most neediest.”

Tabron adds more special education teachers are also needed.

Credit Rebecca Baer / Delaware Public Media
Delaware Teacher of the year Jahsha Tabron works with a student in her Brandywine High School classroom

“We need changemakers," said Tabron. "We need people who are really invested in children and who understand that kids are not perfect.  This is not a place of perfection, it’s a place of progress and I think that everyone who considers it can be a teacher.”

Tabron says those who maybe didn’t fit in when they were in school or felt awkward often make the best teachers because they know what those kids need. 

As teacher of the year, Tabron receives a $5,000 grant to use for the educational benefit of her students, and two personal grants totaling $5,000. She says she and her colleagues are discussing how best to spend that money in the classroom


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