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This page offers all of Delaware Public Media's ongoing coverage of the COVID-19 outbreak and how it is affecting the First State. Check here regularly for the latest new and information.

Walgreens offers more details on its vaccination plan in Delaware

Daniel Schludi / Unsplash

Walgreens presented its plan for COVID-19 vaccinations as part of the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce vaccine roundtable Thursday.


Walgreens will make vaccine shots available at 62 locations, with two of them being specialty sites in Wilmington and Dover.

And Delawareans will be able to schedule first and second doses appointments online at the same time.

Walgreens Area Healthcare Supervisor Vincent Madeline explains how its online scheduler will work.

"That will be active for sites that have the inventory, and then what happens is that you actually go on and we have a link that actually links you to your state eligibility," said Madeline. "The first question asks if you have checked your state eligibility and if you fall into one of these categories. And then after that point you actually proceed forward and it's going to ask you a couple other screening questions then after you go through the screening questions it'll have the option to actually search for your Walgreens closest to you."

There are no walk-in appointments.  Anyone who shows up without an appointment will get help scheduling one online for another date.

Madeline notes the infrastructure for the vaccine distribution process is based on Walgreens partnership with the state on COVID testing. 

The vaccine webinar also gave businesses of all sizes statewide a better idea of how to get their employees vaccinated.

They're are being told to email for help developing a plan to vaccinate their workforce.

The state will help match them with places to get vaccinations for employers.

Delaware Division of Public Health director Dr. Karyl Rattay says the state will need to know specific information about the particular business setting to help move the vaccination process along.

"We can help you know what phase that you're in, but then also really start planning what might be the best fit for you to get your group of employees vaccinated at the appropriate time," Rattay said.

Rattay notes employers should think about the level of risk their employees face - for example who can’t social distance, who interacts with the public, and who works at home.

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