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Warm, sunny weather greets fans as Firefly kicks off

Delaware Public Media

The 2018 Firefly Music Festival is underway. Tens of thousands are pouring into Dover and setting up camp to see artists like The Killers, Kendrick Lamar and Arctic Monkeys.

It’s the 7th edition of the event, and as always many of the concert-goers are from out of state, like Nina Schilling and Julia Aurandt who drove all the way from Bayport, Long Island.

“We’re having a great time. Yesterday we didn’t even think the festival was starting and we already went crazy and already had a great time. So that shows you the kind of vibe of this place. It doesn’t even have to start and we’re already having a blast,” said Aurandt.

Gerald Brinkley drove down from Philadelphia with a food truck to see Lil’ Wayne. He didn’t have his ticket yet Thursday but said his cousins who live near the festival were given free passes and he hopes to get one from them.

“It’s a beautiful thing. There’s a lot of people out here—my first time. I’m excited. I’ve got a food truck coming out, a Meals on Wheels food truck. Going to do cold cuts and stuff,” said Brinkley.

Brinkley isn’t the only one looking to make a couple bucks selling food and drink outside of Firefly. Smyrna’s Donnie Ellis is one entrepreneurial Delawarean selling cold drinks with his family to thirsty concert-goers along the Route 1 bridge in the 80 plus degree weather.

“We out here trying to give everybody something to drink for a little bit cheaper than what the festival is offering, and just here to enjoy everybody and see all the crazy people coming around from a little bit of everywhere. It’s not every day we get a bunch of people like this,” said Ellis.

Past years have seen as many as 90,000 in attendance.

There are also more than 100 food and drink vendors set up inside the event.

General admission passes start at $269 dollars to see the more than 100 acts performing at Firefly between now and Sunday.

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