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Gov. Carney orders all out-of-state travellers to self-quarantine

Mar 29, 2020

Anyone who enters Delaware from another state must self-quarantine for two weeks under Gov. John Carney’s latest update to his State of Emergency declaration.

The order goes into effect Monday at 8 a.m.

Gov. Carney said in a statement Sunday that now is not the time to visit Delaware. 

“Everyone needs to take this threat seriously,” he said. “Our goal is to limit a surge in COVID-19 cases that would overwhelm our hospital system. We’ll get through this – but everyone needs to pitch in.”

The order states that “individuals from other states are likely to travel to Delaware to seek refuge or healthcare, and Delaware has seen multiple COVID-19-related hospitalizations of individuals with out-of-state domiciles.”

The self-quarantine requirement does not apply to public safety or healthcare workers or those working at an essential business — but out-of-state residents who do “essential work” in Delaware are “strongly encouraged” to work from home. 

The self-quarantine order also excludes those traveling to care for a family member, friend or pet in Delaware. 

Provisions in the Governor’s emergency declaration have the force of law, and failure to comply constitutes a criminal offense. 

Under Sunday’s order, law enforcement can conduct traffic stops for public health and quarantine questions on vehicles registered in other states.