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DSU researchers offer innovative approach to addressing ankle injuries

Mar 1, 2019

Kinesiology researchers at Delaware State University have found a way to determine if a person faces a high risk for ankle injuries.



It’s an innovation that could lead to better athletic personnel decision-making and improved corrective measures being prescribed.

“Human balance and postural control is a widely studied area of kinesiology. And it’s pretty widely known that poor balance equals poor sports performance and a higher risk of injury - just having bad balance alone - it has been widely studied,” said Dr. Christopher Mason - the chair of DSU’s Department of Public and Allied Health Sciences.

He’s partnering with Dr. Von Homer on the research, which found the amount of work encumbered by the ankle muscles to maintain equilibrium can give a strong indication of whether a high risk of ankle injury exists.  It also shows how adding orthotics can address the issue.


Dr. Homer started on the research while working at Barry University in Miami and brought it with him when he came to DSU to pursue a PhD.


“About three summer ago the Department was going through some transition and we revamped our curriculum - we actually changed the name of the major from movement science to kinesiology. And we started this pretty big research initiative,” Dr. Mason said.


Dr. Mason says their work also shows how adding orthotics can address the issue.


The resulting innovation has been trademarked as the "Homer Technique" after Dr. Homer.


And Dr. Homer add the technique could open up some new and potentially profitable possibilities for DSU.


“With the capability of this Kinesiology Lab, we can work outright with shoe companies or create an app that could allow an individual to monitor his balance,” said Dr. Homer in a statement.