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DSU seeks additional state funding in FY2022

Milton Pratt
Delaware Public Media

Delaware State University presented its FY 2022 budget to the Office of Management and Budget last week
and it’s asking for more operating and capital funds.

DSU is seeking an increase of more than $3.75 million in operational funding as part of its overall request of about $42.1 million dollars.

The university is also requesting for $25 million in capital funding after receiving $10 million this fiscal year.  Most of that money would go toward campus improvements.

DSU President Tony Allen explains where some of that money would go.

"Some work we want to continue to do at the Kirkwood site in Wilmington and then certainly the ongoing operations of the campus," said Allen. "Because of the nature of COVID, we have had some opportunity to make some good progress over this past year with some of the projects that have been going on, but certainly we want to continue to accelerate that as we move forward."

Allen says the operational increases will help with expanding the school’s Nursing program.

"We've already launched our masters online for nursing. We're looking to do the same for our bachelor's program as well, and we continue to make great progress," said Allen. "We were just actually re-accredited with very strong scores. This past spring under the direction of our department chair Dr. Agnes Richardson and certainly our Provost Dr. Saundra DeLauder."

Operational increases will also go toward reaccreditation of DSU’s  social work program, workforce development expansion, personnel contingency, teacher recruitment, the ADA Center, and athletic grants.

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