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Tatiana & Gerret Copeland helping pet owners afford veterinary medical bills

The Delaware Humane Association (DHA) has received a generous donation from two well-known First State philanthropists.

2020 was a tough year for everyone; many lost loved ones and friends to coronavirus, others lost their jobs due to the pandemic and others had to surrender their pets because they could no longer financially support them.

Philanthropists Tatiana and Gerret Copeland are long-time supporters of the Delaware Humane Association; they were instrumental in DHA’s Wilmington facility renovation in 20-14. And since then, DHA staff and volunteers have cared for thousands of homeless animals in the Tatiana and Gerret Copeland Animal Care Center.

Now, the Copeland’s have come up with a way to ensure that pets can stay in their homes with a generous life-saving donation called “Reggie’s Fund” - named after their own dog Reggie - who has since passed away.

“The Copelands decided they wanted to put together a special fund to help provide the cost of medical services that pet owners might not otherwise be able to afford, especially during a year when finances are really tough,” said Cory Topel, the marketing manager at DHA.

She says while “Reggie’s Fund” is primarily for dogs, cats are also eligible.


Tatiana Copeland says the goal is to help other dogs get the best medical care - in a year when many had to surrender their pets because they could no longer financially support them due to lost jobs during the coronavirus pandemic.

Topel says if you need help paying for medical services for your pet, you can contact the Delaware Humane Association to get more information.


The DHA meantime, continues to work towards combating animal surrender through a variety of relief services such as free pet food pantries and offering affordable spay/neuter surgeries.