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State pushes for more transparency on Delmarva Power bills

Delaware Public Media

The state is asking Delmarva Power to continue breaking down extra fees and charges on customers' monthly electric bills.

The public service commission voted this week to support highlighting yet another charge on Delmarva bills. They already broke out a few charges last year, says commission spokeswoman Heather Contant...

"Thus making it a little bit more transparent as to some of the additional charges that the legislature and such kind of tack on to the electric bill, beyond what someone's being billed for their actual use," she says.

One charge that got its own line item last year was the Renewable Compliance Charge -- usually $8 a month or so in total, depending on a person's electricity usage.

"Anywhere from about 50 to 60 percent of the renewable projects charge is associated with that Qualified Fuel Cell Provider charge, which was a charge that was created by the legislature accepting the Bloom Energy project," Contant says.

Bloom's fuel cells supply about 30 megawatts of clean power to Delmarva customers. Now, the fee helping pay for it will either be mentioned in the notes on bills or given its own line item.

Delmarva customers should see it show up sometime early next year.

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