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Hotels fill up for holiday weekend at First State beaches

Delaware Public Media

This year’s Fourth of July holiday appears to be another success for businesses at the Delaware beaches.



Hotels and motels in Rehoboth and Dewey beach reached 98% occupancy for the Fourth of July weekend, according to the Rehoboth-Dewey Beach Chamber of Commerce. And visitors looking for rooms last minute are expected to bring that number to 100%.

The Fourth of July holiday occupancy rates are flat to slightly up in comparison to recent years, but the chamber’s President and CEO Carol Everhart says overall numbers this summer are not as great. 

“It’s been interesting to watch the occupancy because overall it’s been a flat to slightly down when you look at hotels and motels, and we believe that because of all the short term internet rentals, whether that’s an AirBnB or a ‘Home Away’ or any of those are really taking an impact on the occupancy that I’m seeing for hotels.”

Everhart says the weather can also play a part in occupancy levels at the beaches since many events are outside, but on holiday weekends, a little wind and rain won’t turn people away. 

Everhart says her organization can help those looking for a last minute place to stay this weekend find those final remaining spots.

“Our visitors center keeps count, so what will happen is we call on Wednesday to find out, y’know, how much availability do you have? If we can see that it’s tight, which it was for this weekend, then we’ll recall again, they’ll be recalling again today and making sure there hasn't been cancellations or something hasn’t changed with the accommodation, so they will refer them only to accommodations that have vacancy.” 

Final numbers for the holiday weekend’s occupancy will be determined Monday morning.