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Courtesy of the CDC

The CDC has confirmed that an insect that bit a child’s face in Kent County last July was a “kissing bug.”

The finding was the first confirmed identification of the insect T. sanguisuga in Delaware, according to the CDC.

The Delaware Division of Public health and Department of Agriculture helped identify the insect after the girl’s family reported she was bitten on the face while watching TV in her bedroom. According to the CDC, she suffered no ill effects after being bitten.

Sophia Schmidt, Delaware Public Media

A committee working to enact CDC recommendations to reduce gun violence in Wilmington is offering an update on its efforts.


Legislation aimed at addressing problems in Delaware’s juvenile justice system is heading to Gov. John Carney’s desk.

Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

Wilmington’s CDC Advisory Council offered an update Tuesday night on its recent work to help prevent gun violence in city.  

Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

After months of meetings, the CDC Community Advisory Council has released its final report with recommendations for preventing further gun violence in Wilmington.

CDC council seeks youth input, suggestions

Aug 11, 2016
Megan Pauly/Delaware Public Media

Kids are having their say how to curb gun violence in Wilmington.


Youth involved in the criminal justice system were the focus of a CDC Advisory Council “listening session” this week.

Community leaders are trying to fill in the gap of kid-friendly opportunities after school and during the summer in Wilmington.

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Wilmington’s CDC report advisory council met again Tuesday afternoon to discuss how to start gathering data about programs helping prevent and stop gun violence in the state’s largest city.

Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

The Advisory Council working to implement a CDC report’s recommendations for countering gun violence in Wilmington met again Wednesday, breaking into smaller groups to start tackling different goals.

Megan Pauly / Delaware Public Media

An advisory council created to implement  recommendations from the CDC report on Wilmington gun violence convened Tuesday afternoon to start mapping out its mission.