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Federal funds will be used for to support mental health services in Delaware


Gov. John Carney and Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall- Long announce creation of a community-based fund to support the delivery of mental health services in the state.

The program will be funded by the American Rescue Plan Act, and allows nonprofit organizations, faith-based organizations, and for-profit providers that provide community-based mental health services to apply for funding.

The fund’s creation comes at a time when more people are experiencing behavioral health and mental health issues because of the pandemic - either through stress or at-home schooling.

The state anticipates funding requests for capital projects, services, and training for counselors.

Claire DeMatteis, a special assistant to the governor, says more services and counselors are needed in the state.

"We expect that the applications are going to build upon the governor's work for a trauma aware Delaware," said DeMatteis. "We expect that the applications will help us train more people to go into this field of mental health counseling because we know the need is great, and we need trained certified counselors to help people and we need increased services."

DeMatteis she says there’s no set amount of funding for the projects.

"We're going to wait and see the types of requests that we get." said Dematteis."I think there's going to be a mix of a quest for capital funding for new facilities as well as funding for services and training for additional mental health counselors. So in the end this fund may be upwards of 30 million dollars perhaps more."

Applications must be submitted online by 6 p.m. on January 15, 2022.