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Delaware sees additional ACA sign-ups during special enrollment window

The First State is seeing more enrollment for Affordable Care Act healthcare coverage. 

Delawareans, like others nationwide, are taking advantage of added time to sign up. 


The Biden Administration opened up a special ACA enrollment window in February. It now runs through August 15th.

After ten weeks - as of April 30th -  one million people signed up across the country, including more than 2,700 in Delaware.

“The numbers are very encouraging," said State Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro. "For many many years there was an effort to kill the ACA through 1,000 paper cuts. And with the change in Administration there’s been refocused efforts to actually help people find affordable health insurance.” 

Navarro says tax credits included in the American Rescue Plan are making  coverage under the government health plans more affordable when they were not previously.


“Now with the tax credits that now more folks are eligible for, in many cases, we’ve seen premiums reduced to by 40 percent for those who make a certain dollar amount below the federal poverty level.”      

Navarro says federal data estimates as many 20,000 Delawareans could receive free coverage in the market place due to the American Rescue Plan, and 18,000 could have their premiums reduced to nothing. 

Over 25,000 Delawareans signed up for coverage through the state’s health insurance marketplace this year during the initial enrollment period, a 5 percent increase from the previous year.


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