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The Green - November 9, 2018

Nov 9, 2018

Listen to this edition of The Green or individual segments below:

We have a special edition of the show this week.

We return to the University of Delaware Journalism Program’s Front Page Café, which brings journalists and other writers to UD discuss their work and tell their stories.

The topic of this special joint version of the cafe - held with The UD Center for Science, Ethics, and Public Policy’s Science Café - was the opioid crisis in Delaware

It featured Tammy Anderson, Associate Director of The UD Center for Drug and Health Studies and News Journal reporter Brittany Horn.  They discussed the crisis and its inpact in the First State and answered questions from the audience on hand for the Oct. 30 event at the UD Trabant University Center.

The version of the Front Page Café that aired on The Green was edited to fit the show's time constraints.  The full version of the event can be heard below: