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Attorney General Jennings says Delaware sees 'peaceful lines' to vote

Nov 3, 2020

Delaware Attorney General Kathy Jennings addressed voters’ rights and safety Tuesday afternoon as voting continued across the First State. 

She reminds registered voters they have the right to not be coerced, intimidated or hindered from exercising their right to vote in any way. And she adds so far there seem to be no issues on that front. 

“We have seen really peaceful lines,” said Jennings. “We have seen peaceful polling places and have no reason to believe that activity is taking place here.”   

Jennings says a guidance listing possible Election Day offenses has been provided to law enforcement from the state Division of Civil Rights and Public Trust. 

She also addressed concerns Tuesday around potential politically motivated civil unrest following the evening’s election results. She says law enforcement is prepared, but does not anticipate violence. 

“You hope for the best; prepare for the worst,” said Jennings. “Law enforcement is prepared throughout this state, but we have no reason to believe that there will be unrest. And we really caution against anyone inciting any kind of panic, because we haven’t seen any signs of it. And Delawareans have been safely and peacefully voting.”   

She also reminds voters still waiting in line after the polls close Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock to stay in line as they are still allowed to vote. 

If voting machines are down voters can request a paper ballot, if a voter’s name is not in the poll book they can request a provisional ballot and if a voter has moved or changed their name they can correct that change at the polling place before they vote. Also, campaign or partisan memorabilia is not allowed in polling places.