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Lauren Witzke defeats party-backed James DeMartino in GOP primary for U.S. Senate

Lauren Witzke campaign

Political newcomer Lauren Witzke will be the GOP’s candidate to try to unseat Sen. Chris Coons. 

Witzke took nearly 57 percent of the vote to defeat James DeMartino – winning by a margin of close to 10,000 votes. 

After the race was called, Witzke took to Twitter to thank voters and tout her America First foreign policy stance – which largely mirrors President Trump’s including support for a wall along the southern U.S. border. 

“Thank you so much for your support Delaware. Thank you for casting your vote for me this year as we gear up to take it to Chris Coons in November," said Witzke. "I look forward to the GOP rallying behind me. I look forward to the GOP rallying behind America First. Because we will keep fighting hard and we will keep fighting for the America First movement.”    


The Delaware GOP endorsed DeMartino in the race, but party chair Jane Brady says Witzke now has full party support. 


“She’s run a good campaign. She’s been very aggressive," said Brady. "She’s been very clear on where she stands on the issues.”    

Witzke has been a vocal supporter of law enforcement, the second amendment and a moratorium on immigration. She has run under the slogan “Restore the Family.”  She has also posted social media messages expressing support for the QAnon conspiracy theory.

Witzke and Coons face off in November. 

Coons handily defeated progressive challenger Jessica Scarane claiming nearly 73% of the vote in Tuesday’s Democratic primary. 

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