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An America First Republican is running to unseat Sen. Coons

Witzke Campaign

A Republican candidate is joining this year’s race for a Delaware seat in the U.S. Senate, and she is open about her recovery from opioid addiction.

Sussex County native and political newcomer Lauren Witzke is raising money for a campaign to unseat Delaware’s junior Sen. Chris Coons (D-Delaware). 

The 31 year-old Witzke says she’s “passionate” about restoring traditional American families. One of her plans is to re-divert welfare programs into an incentive program for marriage and children. 

“The United States was founded on these family traditional principles, and it seems that we’ve lost sight of that and I really want to bring that back,” said Witzke. 

Her America First foreign policy includes support for an end to foreign aid and foreign wars, as well as a ten-year moratorium on immigration. Under the moratorium, Witzke says she wants the U.S to bring down the number of immigrants it lets in every year from roughly a million to closer to 200,000 so, as she says, the country can concentrate on addressing domestic issues like its opioid crisis.

“I’m a full supporter of our border wall,” she said. “The American people need to know that methamphetamine and heroin are not manufactured in the United States, they are brought in through Central America. So when that border wall goes up, you will see a significant decrease in the drug flow that comes across into our nation.”  

Witzke is open about her own recovery from opioid addiction. She says she wants to federally fund faith-based long term recovery in states like Delaware. 

“As someone that has walked through it myself, I am able to give a first-hand account; a witness testimony to what works for people who struggle with addiction,” she said.  

Witzke is also anti-abortion and pro-gun-rights.

Coons faces a Democratic primary challenge from Progressive candidate Jessica Scarane. Independent Mark Turley is also running to unseat Coons. 

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