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Sen. Carper questions Postmaster General about independence from Trump

U.S. Senate
Louis DeJoy Speaking at the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing

Sen. Tom Carper questioned the United States Postmaster General in a senate hearing Friday.


And he got angry at Louis DeJoy over the recent delays in service and dismantling of sorting machines.


The removal of sorting machines in states all around the country have already led to delays and representatives are concerned the changes DeJoy has implemented could affect delivery of mail-in ballots.


DeJoy promised senators he would remain independent of the Trump administration in deciding future changes to the postal service.


Carper says he’s willing to give DeJoy a chance to prove to the public that he won’t continue to undermine the postal service.


“There’s a great song by a guy, a singer named Sting, goes something like this, with every step you take, every breath you make I’ll be watching you. We’re gonna be watching and we want the postmaster to do exactly what he has said. Not to degrade further the quality of mail service in this country and not to undermine vote-by-mail.”


His appointment by Trump was controversial because he’s a major donor and fundraiser for the Trump campaign, he was the local finance chairman for the 2020 Republican National Convention before being appointed postmaster general.


DeJoy has already stated there won’t be any more changes to the USPS until after the election, but won’t reverse changes already made, like the removal of hundreds of mail sorting machines, including ones at a processing center in New Castle County.


Delaware’s attorney general Kathy Jennings announced earlier this week she’s suing the USPS to prevent them from implementing any further changes ahead of the election.


State and Federal representatives are calling for the USPS to bring back the sorting machines and blue collection boxes they’ve already removed to ensure all mail-in ballots arrive on time for election day.

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