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Biden speech in Dover hints again at 2020 presidential run

Former Vice President Joe Biden appeared to nearly announce a run for president in 2020 by accident on Saturday.

Biden delivered what sounded like a campaign speech to the First State Democratic Party at a dinner in Dover.

And for a moment Biden seemed to declare his 2020 candidacy while defending his record in office against criticism from the so-called “New Left” - only to quickly backtrack.

“I’ve the most progressive record from anybody running for the United…," he said. “Of anybody who would run.”

But he took aim directly at President Trump, saying he betrayed the working class in rural areas he promised to help. Biden says the middle class built this country.

“This country wasn’t built by Wall Street bankers and CEOs and hedge fund managers," he said. "They’re not bad guys, but they sure in hell didn’t build this country. You built this country, your parents built this country, ordinary Americans built this country.”

Biden called for a new corporate ethic in the U.S., again teasing a possible run by noting he plans to talk a lot about it in the future.

Audience members were chanting and cheering for him to launch a 2020 presidential campaign, which he seems likely to announce in coming weeks. Delaware’s junior Sen. Chris Coons said he’s confident Biden will announce he will run for president in the next few weeks.

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