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Sen. Carper weighs in on possible Biden presidential run

Delaware Public Media

Many Delawareans, including the state’s senior senator are waiting to hear former Vice President Joe Biden’s decision on a 2020 presidential run.

Biden told audience members at a University of Delaware event last week he’s very close to a final decision. Sen. Tom Carper said he hopes Biden decides to run.

“Hopefully Joe will listen to the voices of myself and a bunch of other people," he said. "People say to me everyday ‘Do you think he’ll run, do you think he’ll run?’ Around the country people say to me ‘Do you think he’ll run?’ There’s a lot of support for him doing that."

Biden said members of his families are prodding him to launch a presidential campaign. But he said he’s had to consider first how nasty the rhetoric could get, especially on social media.

Biden is also considering how much support he could garner. But Carper said he hears support for Biden across the country.

“There’s a belief that he could win and that he would bring civility in this country and unite our country in a way that frankly we’re about ready for,” he said.

Biden said that while he hasn’t decided yet, don’t be surprised if he announces he will run.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee just announced his entrance into an already crowded Democratic field. With Inslee, there are now 12 candidates who have kicked off campaigns and two who have launched exploratory committees. Author and activist Marianne Williamson has also announced her candidacy.

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