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Chemours, DuPont, and Corteva reach settlement over PFAS-related water contamination claims

Chemours, DuPont, and Corteva reach a settlement to resolve all PFAS-related drinking water claims with U.S. Water Systems.

The agreement resolves all PFAS-related water claims of a defined class of public water systems serving the majority of the country’s population including water systems with a current detection of PFAS.

It also includes systems that are currently required to monitor for the presence of PFAS under EPA monitoring rules.

The companies - which still deny the allegations - will establish and contribute nearly $1.2 ($1.185) billion to a settlement fund with contribution rates based on a binding Memorandum of Understanding between the companies reached in 2021.

Chemours will contribute $592 million, DuPont about $400 million, and Corteva about $193 million, and the settlement amounts will be funded in full and deposited in the water district settlement fund.

The settlement is subject to approval by the US District Court of the District of South Carolina, and the court will establish a timetable for executing notice to class members, hearings and for them to opt out of the settlement.

Water systems owned and operated by a state of the US government are excluded from the settlement class as well as small systems that haven’t detected PFAS and aren’t currently required to monitor for it.

Delaware reached a $50 million settlement to deal with PFAS contamination in the state with the same companies in July 2021.

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