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Final work on Capital City Trail to start next year, combined with other projects

DelDOT and DNREC’s Division of Parks and Recreation are planning the third phase of the Capital City Trail.

The trails second phase along Route 10 from the Gateway Shopping Center to South State Street officially opened last month.


It’s the latest piece of a nearly 15-mile biking and hiking trail envisioned around the City of Dover - meant to connect the city’s downtown, Camden/Wyoming, Dover Air Force Base housing, Brecknock Park, Caesar Rodney High School, Shutte Park and DelDOT’s Danner campus.


DelDOT spokesperson C.R. McLeod says the next phase is expected to begin next year.


“Phase III will then extend from South State Street to U.S. (Route) 13, And again, that will include the construction of a 10-foot wide, shared-use path," said McLeod. "What this will do is tie into both the coming widening of Route 13 in the Camden area and also the East Camden Bypass.

The estimated cost for the East Camden Bypass is $26.5 million while the widening of Route 13 is slated to cost $76 million, putting over a $100 million into improvements in the Camden area to handle increased traffic congestion.


McLeod says the highway widening and the construction of the bypass will also help accommodate increased growth and development.


"We just continue to see a lot more congestion and a lot more bicycle and pedestrian traffic," said McLeod. "So these are improvements that are really planned to help address that growing area. So we’re really looking forward to - again - making it a much safer corridor. For a long time we’ve also had a lot of truck traffic going through that area. So the East Camden Bypass will address a lot of that  truck traffic.”

McLeod notes the new bypass will take traffic off Route 10, then tie in at a new connector at Route 13, eliminating a lot of heavy truck traffic currently going through downtown Camden.