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Search for new Dover police chief gets underway

Delaware Public Media
The City of Dover could have a new full-time police chief by mid-December - if all goes as planned.

The City of Dover’s search for a new police chief is officially underway.

Chief Marvin Mailey retired earlier this year and since then Deputy Tim Stump has served as interim chief.

Now, the City’s police chief selection committee has met and taken the next step toward filling the position full-time.

“We approved the job description - the parameters for that. We also approved conducting a nationwide advertisement and search for applicants who would be interested in being head of the department. We also approved the potential budget for this process,” said Mayor Robin Christiansen.


He says he expects the process will move fairly quickly.


“We have a 30-day period of advertisement in local, as well as national publications, which will commence on September 13; the final day for applying will be October 13," said Christiansen. "Once we get those applications on board, we will review the applications that have come in during the middle of October.” 


Christiansen says he’s looking for several qualities in the next chief.


“I am looking for basically the same qualities that Chief Mailey had, as well as acting chief Stump - leadership abilities and the ability to build a working team," Christiansen said.

Christiansen says city officials hope to complete face-to-face candidate interviews in November.  They’d like to have a new chief hired and on board by mid-December.