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State lawmakers seek information about school threats

Delaware Public Media

Delaware’s Congressional Delegation is asking the FBI for more information about the Bureau’s efforts to assist state and local law enforcement in investigating recent threats made to schools in Delaware and across the country.


Most schools in Delaware have gotten calls about a bomb in the building, but two First State schools were among those who got calls about an armed person on the roof.


There have been more than 20 calls in recent weeks. All have come from a computer-distorted human voice.


In a letter to FBI Director James Comey, Sen. Tom Carper, Sen. Chris Coons, and Rep. John Carney wrote, “as we understand, bomb threats of this nature are viewed as criminal acts to be handled by state and local law enforcement. With that said, when a bomb threat seemingly replicates itself across multiple schools, school districts, and states, as the Delaware threats did, it may be appropriate to bring federal resources to bear, too, in order to identify the sources of the threats and to prevent future incidents from occurring.”



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