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Emerald ash borer continues to threaten trees in Delaware

Courtesy of Delaware Department of Agriculture

A destructive insect from Asia that attacks and kills ash trees showed up in another part of New Castle County.


The Emerald ash borer was originally found in Delaware in 2016 in the Middletown and Seaford areas.  Now, it’s confirmed elsewhere in the First State.

“Currently we’ve found that the Emerald ash borer has been positively identified in the Newark area. So it continues to move throughout the State,” said Kesha Braunskill - an urban and community forestry coordinator with the Delaware Forest Service.

She explains why the Emerald ash borer is so dangerous, "The Emerald ash borer has the ability to basically eat away at the vascular system of the tree and kill the tree. So all ashes (trees) that are in our area will be killed by the Emerald ash borer.”

Braunskill says the Delaware Department of Agriculture recommends property owners within a five to 15-mile radius of where the pest is found, treat trees they want to keep, “The Department of Agriculture is currently recommending that property owners either treat their tree(s) if they want to keep the tree(s) or remove the tree and have it destroyed."


The Emerald ash borer has been confirmed in 35 states, including Delaware, the District of Columbia and five Canadian provinces.


More on how to spot Emerald ash borer and precautions to take to slow its spreadcan be found here.


And for a comprehensive history and overview of EAB, read the Emerald Ash Borer Story Map.


Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.