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Newark mayoral candidates: Brandon Farzad

Mar 8, 2019

The Newark mayoral race was left wide open when current mayor Polly Sierer announced she would not seek a third term.

Previously, The Green brought you interviews with candidates Catherine Ciferni, Jerry Clifton and Kasai Guthrie.

This week, Delaware Public Media’s Sophia Schmidt talks to the fourth person running — Brandon Farzad.

Brandon Farzad was the last of the four to file as a candidate. He is a political newcomer who works in Elkton, Maryland as an engineer for a company that builds rocket components.

He says he is running to improve organization on Newark City Council and bring people together.  “The point is to eliminate this pointless debating and keep everyone focused on the task at hand,” he said.

Farzad says as mayor, he would be able to speak for all of his constituents.

“When we have someone who brings a proposition for a small business, I can understand it,” he said. “When we have someone who brings a proposition that will change the way of life for homeowners, I can understand that too. I’m a homeowner myself.”

“Everyone that I would be representing I can at least understand them a little bit,” he added.

Farzad points to tension between City Council and the University of Delaware.“There may be a lack of trust between certain members of Council and the university officials,” he said.

Farzad thinks he could improve relations.

“Every person we put on council, every additional person who’s trustworthy and willing to understand where the University is coming from and work with them and not try to push or fight on anything … is better for the city.”

Farzad says he has coached club track at UD and is currently finishing his MBA there.

Farzad says if elected mayor, he would work to fill the position of City Manager quickly. “Maybe it could be done in sixty days, maybe not,” he said. “But I tell you what, two years? Not on my book. That’s not going to happen if I’m mayor.”

Farzad says current mayor Polly Sierer’s decision not to run influenced his decision to enter the race. “Polly is retiring, and I feel that this is my best chance,” he said.

Farzad faces three other candidates in the election on April 9.