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First State middle & high school students can sign up for LifeSmarts

Oct 27, 2018

Middle or high school students in Delaware can now sign up for the Consumer Literacy Program called LifeSmarts.


Delaware’s Department of Justice (DOJ) is sponsoring LifeSmarts for a 25th year.

The program is led in the First State by Gillian Andrews - deputy attorney general of the DOJ’s Consumer Protection Unit.

“LifeSmarts is a wonderful extracurricular academic competition for middle school and high school students where they are able to study and then ultimately compete in the areas of consumer and personal finance, health and safety, technology, the environment and a broad range of other general life skills,” Andrews said.


Andrews added, “The area of personal finance and consumer rights really teaches kids everything from how to apply for a college loan, how to balance a checkbook, and just a broad range of different types of finance that are available out there for consumers and different types of budgeting techniques and things like that - just lots of things to make them savvy savers.”


Andrews says participating students are quizzed on their knowledge of those subject areas during the online competition that runs through February 16, 2019.

She says top-performing state teams move on to the National LifeSmarts Championship in Orlando, Florida in April next year.

A link to sign-up for LifeSmarts is available here.