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Arts Playlist: Fearless Girl moves to New York Stock Exchange

Jan 11, 2019

The best known work from a Lewes sculptor has a new home at the New York Stock Exchange.

“Fearless Girl” is the brainchild of Kristen Visbal.


“Fearless Girl” was first installed near Wall Street in March 2017 in honor of International Women’s Day.

Visbal says the sculpture initially received mixed reviews when it first hit Wall Street.

“I think politically, some people were kind of taken aback by “Fearless Girl.” She was placed there in celebration of women and in celebration of International Women’s Day 2017,” said Visbal.

The bronze sculpture depicts a young girl standing fearlessly with her hands on her hips.


Visbal says “Fearless Girl” was originally placed at the triangular-shaped Bowling Green Park, staring down the iconic 7,000 pound “Charging Bull” sculpture nearby.

“And what we did is, we extended that point in order to install “Fearless Girl” on City property in a statement against the all boys club of Wall Street,”  Visbal said.                      

Recently, “Fearless Girl” was moved, due in part to a traffic hazard caused by the crowds around her and “Charging Bull.” It's now around the corner on Wall Street, near the New York Stock Exchange and a plaque is on the spot where “Fearless Girl” once stood.