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Delaware NAACP calls on Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro to resign

The Delaware NAACP is calling on the state Insurance Commissioner Trinidad Navarro to resign. 

The NAACP cites two pending federal lawsuits for its demand.  Each suit accuses Navarro of unlawful treatment of an employee in the state Department of Insurance. 

One alleges sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation. The other: discrimination and retaliation. Both plaintiffs are women.

One plaintiff, Fluer McKendall, is 2nd Vice President at the Delaware NAACP.

The NAACP also says the state has made payments to the private law firm Potter, Anderson and Corroon to represent Navarro in the lawsuits—calling that move "irresponsible" as Delaware faces a budget crunch. 

The NAACP is calling on Navarro to immediately resign and discontinue plans to seek public office in the upcoming election. 

In a statement, Navarro says, “The litigation of these claims will demonstrate that these lawsuits lack merit, and the insistence on litigating meritless claims only causes an unnecessary burden to the taxpayers.” 

Navarro continues to say he neither engages in nor tolerates discrimination, harassment, or retaliation of any kind. 

This story has been updated.


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