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Delaware Tech submits budget 2020 wish list

Delaware Public Media

First State colleges and universities are submitting budget requests as the Carney Administration starts work on next year’s recommended budget.

Del Tech is seeking $1.8 million in state funds for its operating budget to add staff to new and growing programs.

Del Tech President Mark Brainard says the school needs more instructors to expand its Bachelor's degree program in nursing. The program has 270 students enrolled and the first class graduates next month.

Brainard also wants to hire a teacher for Del Tech’s new diesel mechanic program.

“The diesel mechanic program is what we need to offer because we don’t have that currently," he said. "We don’t have the capacity to provide that.”

Delaware Tech got a $2 million federal grant to help build a new automotive technician facility at its Georgetown campus.

Brainard is asking for nearly $14 million after the school got $10 million in the bond bill for fiscal year 2019.

Brainard said there’s still a lot of deferred maintenance and several projects DelTech needs new funding to complete. “So the $10 million from last year’s bond bill helped us address some of those major projects as well as some of the smaller individual campus needs," he said. "But we still have that backlog over the last few years that have accumulated.”

Brainard said those projects include expanding a parking garage on the Wilmington campus and building a childcare center on the Stanton campus.

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