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Rob Arlett to represent GOP in Delaware’s race for U.S. Senate

Rob Arlett Facebook page

Rob Arlett scored a decisive win in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate.

Arlett defeated former financial services executive Gene Truono in Thursday’s primary, claiming more than 66% of the vote.

Truono took almost 28%, with just over 5% going to Rocky De La Fuente.

Arlett served on Sussex County Council since 2015 and was President Trump’s Delaware State Chairman during the 2016 presidential election.

He now faces long-time Democratic incumbent Tom Carper in November’s general election. Carper ousted progressive challenger Kerri Evelyn Harris 64% to 35%.

“I think Senator Carper has done a great job over the years, particularly as Governor when he was in our state,” Arlett said. “I think people are just ready for a change in our state and they’re looking for representation in Washington that’s focused on the people instead of partisan politics.”

This is Arlett’s first run at statewide office. He lists jobs, healthcare and immigration as key issues in his campaign.

“It’s not the President—it is not his responsibility to fix the laws of immigration. It is Congress’s role to fix immigration and what we will do is bring common sense back and also hold the feet to the fire of those who do not want to uphold our laws,” he said.

Arlett celebrated his victory Thursday at Dover’s Grotto pizza. He says he is looking forward to working with Gene Truono as well as Democratic runner-up Kerri Harris.

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