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State Sen. Lawson argues legislation on American law doesn't target Muslims

Delaware Public Media

Republican State Sen. Dave Lawson (R-Marydel) is arguing his bill requiring Delaware courts to use American law doesn’t target a religion.

He said Senate President Pro Tem David McBride is holding up a vote on his legislation because McBride considers it “anti-Muslim.”

Lawson claims the bill doesn’t mention any religion.

“The bill just simply safeguards our Constitutionally-guaranteed privileges and safety, Due process, freedom of speech, those kinds of things,” he said.

Lawson said there’s more than 100 instances where foreign law has impacted court cases in the U.S.

“But it’s definitely nationwide," he said. "There’s been numerous influences on various court decisions, particularly coming with domestic violence.”

McBride declined to comment. But he did rebuke Lawson last year in response to anti-Islamic comments made by the Marydel Republican after an imam read from the Quran on the Senate floor.

GOP lawmakers in other states have managed to get similar legislation passed - with some supporters arguing it’s needed to guard against the spread of Islamic law.

Lawson previously introduced this legislation in 2015 and in 2016.

Note: The original story said McBride censured Lawson. No formal censure was made.

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