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Sen. Carper blasts repeal of Clean Power Plan

Delaware Public Media

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Delaware) has slammed the decision by the Trump administration to repeal the Clean Power Plan.

The rule, which had not taken effect due to pending litigation, limits carbon emissions from power plants and encourage plants to switch to cleaner burning energy. Environmental Protection Agency administrator Scott Pruitt says it hurts the coal industry.

Carper said the country can continue to create jobs and grow the economy while protecting the environment.

“For seven years we’ve added I think 16-17 million jobs and at the same time we’ve done good work cleaning up the environment, cleaning up the air, cleaning up the water," he said. "The idea of saying we can’t have clean air or clean water and put more people to work is nonsense. It’s a false choice.”

Carper also argues greenhouse gas pollution from coal fired plants is contributing to extreme weather, pointing to wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington State.

Environmental advocates said greenhouse gases also hurt public health by causing premature deaths and asthma attacks.

The Supreme Court blocked the rule last year after more than two dozen states challenged it in court.

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