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Legislative Update: Gov. Carney's address, legalizing marijuana

Delaware Public Media
Credit James Dawson / Delaware Public Media
Delaware Public Media
State Sen. Stephanie Hansen reacts after calling Gov. John Carney "John Markell."

Gov. John Carney's address Thursday to a joint session of the General Assembly started with an unexpected moment. When new State Senator Stephanie Hansen introduced Carney to the General Assembly, she inadvertently called him "John C. Markell."   Carney took it in stride and when he got to the podium to start his speech jokingly called Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long "Lt. Gov. Matt Denn," recalling Denn's time as Markell's Lt. Governor.

Carney's speech itself covered a fair amount of familiar ground, laying out some of Carney’s priorities in a year when new initiatives will be limited by the state’s projected $386 million budget hole.

Political reporter James Dawson covered the speech, and this week’s other action at Legislative Hall, and he returned to The Green this week to help put it all into perspective.

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