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Norman Griffiths will run for Mayor of Wilmington

Former Wilmington City Council President Norman Griffiths is joining the growing 2016 race for Mayor of Delaware’s largest city.

Griffiths told Delaware Public Media Wednesday he plans to run a positive campaign. He adds that if elected, his 32 years of experience as a business lawyer would guide his tenure.

"You know I’ve become somewhat an expert on the art of compromise and the art of trying to get to a deal where everyone walks away feeling like they’ve won something, and not just saying it’s win or lose, all or nothing," Griffiths said.


Griffiths notes he would have responded differently to recommendations offered by a team of outside consultants on how to revamp the Wilmington Police Department last spring.

"I would not have rejected any of the recommendations just out of hand," said Griffiths. "I would have tried to prioritize them. And then put the money together, maybe it might have required going over several budget cycles, not just one budget cycle."

But Griffiths concedes he doesn’t have all the information that went into Mayor Williams making different choices.

Griffiths formed a campaign committee last week and has already started raising money. He says his early announcement will help out with fundraising.


Former city councilman Kevin Kelley also announced he will be running for Mayor.  Kelly ran for mayor in 2012 as well.


Current City Council President Theo Gregory says he is considering a run and will announce by October 1st.

Incumbent mayor Dennis Williams has already said he plans to seek a second term.


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