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Wilmington City Council could see big changes to its makeup

Members of the Wilmington City Council are already preparing for the 2016 election, and there could be big shifts in power and position.


"It’s going to change dramatically, with folk running for different positions, it could be up to eight people changing," said Council President Theo Gregory. Two council members - Samuel Prado and Michael Brown - are stepping down in 2016. And earlier this month, Gregory himself announced he’s been considering a run for Mayor.


"And I’ve just decided that at this point in my life, I really need to consider moving on -- not being elected at all, or if I’m going to do it, I have to capture the ultimate office in the city. That would be the Mayor."


Gregory said if he were to run, his successful low-cost law practice and years of elected office would make him a strong contender. He said he’ll know his decision by October 1st.


Both he and council member Hanifa Shabazz, who is running for Council President, say what the city needs most is leadership.


"Because there is going to be such a change...we’re going to need someone who has the passion and the experience and the leadership capabilities of taking all of these new, innovative minds coming to council and making Wilmington a community again," she told Delaware Public Media after Thursday's council meeting.

A woman in leadership, she added, brings something different to the table than her male counterparts.


"Compassion, nurturing, and the patience to listen, to hear exactly what is needed. And then they go back, and they pull all the things that are necessary, to bring it forth."


Council member at-large Justen Wright is also on record saying he’s interested in throwing his hat in the ring for Council President in 2016, but he hasn’t formally announced.


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