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Electric vehicle charging station coming soon to Bethany Beach

The new Bethany charging station will look like this one currently used in Ocean City, MD

Electric vehicle owners will soon find it easier to charge up in one Sussex County beach town.

Bethany Beach is adding eight electric vehicle charging stations downtown. The mayor and Town Council recently voted to approve them.

“Bethany became interested in the possibility of creating electric vehicle charging stations this spring," said Bethany Town Manager Cliff Graviet. "We found that Ocean City, Maryland has been involved with the Electric Vehicle Institute for the last five years. They have a number of charging stations within Ocean City and they (the  Electric Vehicle Institute) make a very unusual offer to jurisdictions that want to participate in an agreement with them.”

Graviet He says the Institute, located in North East, Maryland, provides the stations, handles installation and maintains them for five years

Graviet says all Bethany needs to do is provide electricity - adding that the cost to do that will be minimal because the locations selected are close to electric power sources.

He says two locations are on South Pennsylvania Avenue, directly across from the PNC Bank.  Four more are near the Blue Crab Restaurant, including two in the adjacent town parking lot.  The final two are on North Pennsylvania Avenue, across from Lighthouse Station.

The stations will be pay-to-park with a $2 per hour charge in addition to the parking fee. 

Graviet says Ocean City, Maryland has had great success with these charging stations and described Bethany’s decision to use them “their toe in the water” test.


Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.