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Dolle's Candyland will be in a new location on Rehoboth Avenue by the end of January 2021

Karl Malgiero
Delaware Public Media
Dolle’s Candyland - an iconic candy store that sells fudge, popcorn and taffy - at 1 Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach - is moving in January.";

An iconic candy store in Rehoboth Beach is moving in 2021.



Dolle’s Candyland is moving from 1 Rehoboth Avenue and the Boardwalk - a space it has occupied since 1927 - about 100 feet to the west to be part of Ibach’s Candy By the Sea store.

Tom Ibach owns Dolle’s, which has been in Rehoboth for nearly 100 years.

He explains the reason for the abrupt move, “The primary reason is the terms of the new lease. The rent got cranked up pretty high and then there’s a lot of other responsibilities in that lease that require a lot of cash outlay.”

Ibach says he just didn’t feel it was economically feasible to continue a presence in the current location and says he was shocked when he heard the rent was going to more than double, “My first response was wow! I couldn’t believe it. And then I realized that maybe this was just a way to get me out because I believe - and this is just my own personal opinion - I believe they are going to sell the property.” 

As for the iconic Dolle’s sign above the store that can be seen up and down the Boardwalk and even from portions of the beach, Ibach says there is a group in Rehoboth working to move it to the Ibach’s Candy By the Sea store. 

But he notes the current sign is technically illegal, because it was put up before the City had rules regulating signs - so he’s not sure if the City will allow it to be moved to the new location.

Ibach says he wants his loyal customers to know that even after the move next month, they can still expect the same great products; he says they’re not going to change any recipes.

Ibach notes that he deeply appreciates everyone's support during this move and he appreciates everyone’s patronage.