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DSU adds mental health wellness program for students

Milton Pratt
Delaware Public Media

Delaware State University is bringing in a wellness program to help students meet the physical, mental, and emotional challenges of college life.


DSU announced it’s partnering with the RADical Hope Foundation and Bank of America to offer the initiative.

Bank of America is funding the four-week program that will lead students through guided experiences on staying well, staying resilient, empowering yourself, connecting with others, and engaging with the world.

"We organize the students into groups similar to what they're organized through the orientation process in groups of 10 to 20 students," said RADical Hope CEO Liz Feld. "In the case of Delaware State University, we're actually doing it in a couple of different class programs that already exist through the School and Community Health, Education, and Mental Health and Stress Management course that they have."

Upperclassmen at DSU will be trained by RADical Hope, and they then will be the guides leading the classes.

RADical Hope was founded by Pam and Phil Martin following the suicide of their son, Chris, during his junior year at Gonzaga University in Washington state.

Feld says the foundation is committed to addressing the country’s youth health mental crisis by building resilience in young lives.

"We're trying to get right to the heart of that by letting them know that they're cared for, that their school has a program like RADical Hope and a lot of other resources on campus that we're developed to support them throughout this four-year period or however long they're in school," said Feld.

Feld notes 64% of college dropouts are because of mental health challenges, and this program could help address that issue. 

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