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EastSide Charter School gives free computers to parents in need

Delaware Public Media

A Wilmington charter school gave free desktop computers to parents last week, hoping to provide them with the resources to succeed in a world where those who don’t have proper access to technology are often at a disadvantage.

EastSide Charter School is located in a part of Wilmington where there’s high poverty and fewer college graduates.

The school’s CEO Aaron Bass says there’s a digital divide between families that can and can’t afford computers, and the school wanted to bridge that gap.

EastSide launched a class to teach parents how to use the internet andhow to take care of hardware. Parents also learned how to register to vote.


"We have parents who are coming out and engaging with the school in a very positive way," Bass said. "We have parents who are coming out who want to do better, not just for their children, but for themselves."


Once the class finished, 24 families got free Dell desktop computers donated by law firm Potter, Anderson & Corroon. The school previously distributed another set of computers to parents in December last year.

Bass says if parents have better access to resources and technology, their children have a better shot at success.

"What we know for a fact is every family wants to be successful," Bass said.

The school plans to offer more classes like this in the future.

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