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The Park Mobile App is taking off in Delaware’s largest city

Delaware Public Media

The App tracks a driver’s location and allows them to upload their license plate into the system database to pay for parking with their credit card. It’s used in cities around the world.

Wilmington has been using it to collect parking fees since late October, and officials counted more than 10,000 transactions during its first three months of use.

David Curtis is the Best Practices and Innovation Specialist in Mayor Mike Purzycki’s office. He says its helping city officials to better understand which areas have the highest demand for parking.

“It’s not complete data because it only shows us park mobile data, but it shows us a much clearer picture of our system needs and demands,” said Curtis.

There have been more than 2,900 drivers to use the park mobile app in Wilmington and almost half of them are repeat users. The average daily transactions have increased from 150 to 240 in three months.

Curtis says there are no plans to remove any city parking meters.

“It is possible, but we want to retain the coin payment options for people who don’t have smartphones or maybe don’t have credit cards,” said Curtis.

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