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WEIC redistricting plan for Wilmington to get House vote


The latest effort to redistrict Wilmington schools that was tabled in committee Wednesday will have new life next week.


In a release sent late Thursday night, Reps. Debra Heffernan (D-Bellefonte) and Sean Matthews (D-Claymont) said they still have concerns with the overarching concept, but that it needs to be debated by the entire House.


“I believe we need more than just structural changes to deliver a better education to all students. But, I agree that this legislation deserves a full hearing in the House,” said Heffernan in a statement.


The bill simply echoes the General Assembly’s support for moving Wilmington students from the Christina to Red Clay School District and not any potential funding model that may arise.


“All along, my concerns have been related to funding – and there are still many hurdles to overcome. However, after conversations with my peers and leadership, I am now confident that they are committed to addressing those concerns. For this reason, I will sign the bill out of committee so that it may receive full consideration on the House floor,” said Matthews in a statement.




Proposals from the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission have included reassessing property statewide – something that hasn’t been done for more than 40 years in some cases, which is a third-rail issue for politicians.


Past measures put forward this year have hit significant hurdles at every turn and momentum was uncertain after Wednesday’s committee hearing.


It’s unknown when it might be debated on the House floor.

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