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AAA: Gas prices will soon hit $5 a gallon in Delaware

Delaware Public Media

Gas prices in Delaware are flirting with the $5 a gallon mark -- and according to AAA Mid-Atlantic hitting that level is inevitable.

As of Wednesday afternoon the average price for a gallon of regular in Delaware was $4.97, up four cents from Tuesday and 37 cents over the past week.

The only good news? That’s the lowest price in the region. Both New Jersey and Pennsylvania are at $5.03 while Maryland’s average is at $4.98.

The national average is about $4.95, also up four cents overnight, and 28 cents in the last week.

AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Jim Lardear says a recent poll showed Delawareans would change their driving habits when prices hit $4.50, and even more when prices hit $5.

"Interestingly that 67% jumps to 75% at the five-dollar range. So yeah I would anticipate that if pump prices keep rising people are going to somehow have to start altering their summer travel plans potentially, or their behavior whether that's carpooling or spending less elsewhere to still take those summer road trips that they really want to take," said Lardear.

Lardear notes the struggle for many is that COVID canceled many summer vacations the last two summers, leaving people to weigh high gas prices against getting over cabin fever.

With gas prices hitting record highs in Delaware, AAA Mid-Atlantic spokesperson Jim Lardear has some tips to help increase your gas mileage while driving.

"Stay on top of your vehicle maintenance,” said Lardear. “Make sure your car is in the proper condition, especially check your tire inflation. Some of the other things you can do is make sure you're going easy on the brakes and the gas, drive the speed limit and one of the other things that catch people off guard too is extra weight of things that they may have thrown in the trunk."

Lardear notes carpooling is another way to try to save on gas.

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