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State warns against unregulated medical marijuana products

Courtesy: Delaware State Police
Police say they've encountered or seized unregulated medical marijuana chocolate bars like these in two incidents in the past month.

State police and public health officials are warning of an uptick in reports involving potent, unregulated medical marijuana chocolate bars.

Troopers say they have responded to two incidents in the past month involving cannabis chocolate, seizing Bhang brand bars in one case.

Public information officer Gary Fournier wouldn't give details, citing the open investigation. But he says they want to make sure people know the bars aren't a regulated medical product in Delaware.

"The Delaware State Police want to inform the public about this 'candy,' so to say, because of the upcoming Halloween season," he says. And, "we want the teachers of students that are in school to be aware of this in case they come across it."

He says they have no way of knowing what effect the chocolate could have on kids -- especially since some of the bars are highly potent.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Delaware since 2011, but its use is limited to licensed patients with a short list of serious conditions. The state's only medical marijuana dispensary opened in Wilmington in June.


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