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The Green - July 10, 2015

A half dozen House Democrats broke with their party and voted against the state budget this year. One of the six,  State Rep. Paul Baumbach (D-Newark), sat down with host Tom Byrne to explain his "no" vote and discuss the First State's budget issues.

Anne Hoffman looks at the new state law creating driver privilege cards for undocumented immigrants – and its impact on the state's Hispanic communities.

Science reporter Eli Chen explores why several jellyfish–like Portuguese Man O’ Wars have been spotted on Delaware beaches in recent weeks.

Annie Ropeik talks to one of the driving forces behind out a new commission to help court movies and TV shows to shoot in Delaware.

And more than 7000 athletes from 177 countries will compete this summer at the 2015 Special Olympics World Games. Cathy Carter chats with longtime Delaware Special Olympics volunteer coach Mary Moore about the games and the athletes representing the First State in this week's Enlighten Me. 

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