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Efforts continue to make Kent County's Goggin Manor House a museum

Goggin Manor at Brecknock Park in Camden could become home to the Kent County Historical Museum.

The Goggin Manor House dates to the 1700’s and was the home of Elizabeth Goggin, a descendent of Thomas Howell, who owned the property back in the 1600’s. 


Goggin died in 1994.


“The Goggin Mansion was part of the Goggin Tract of land that was bequeathed to Kent County when Elizabeth Goggin put it in her will that she would like the land left to Kent County to be turned into a natural park,” said 5th District Kent County Levy Court Commissioner Jody Sweeney.


He notes Goggin’s request included her wish that the land be used for recreational purposes and the house be cared for.


Sweeney and Levy Court are working with Friends of Historic Camden to renovate and restore the house for use as the Kent County Historical Museum.


“We made a promise to Mrs. Goggin that [the] house would be cared for. And over these last 20 years we’ve done a lot of work to it," said Sweeney. "We’ve replaced the roof, we’ve done all of the brickwork in the basement that restored the bricks, we’ve put new shoring in to fix the foundation that was sinking faster than the rest of the house. And inside we’ve some drywall work that restored a ceiling.”


He estimates that $50,000 from Kent County, historical grants and Friends of Historic Camden have already paid for that work - as well as new windows and new rafters.

But more work, including new heat and AC systems, are needed and the county is getting bids on that.


Sweeney says there is no timeline for completing the work, but he is asking the community for items - like pottery and old tools - to be displayed at the Museum. If you have an old items you can call Sweeney at (302) 943-7328.

Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.