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NASA astronaut coming to Lewes

NASA Astronaut Mike Mullane helps put space and science in the spotlight at when he visits Delaware Friday.

Mullane, who flew on three Space Shuttle Missions, will be at the Lewes Public Library for its “Universe of Stories” program - celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Apollo Moon landing.


“There’s going to be a panel of scientists at 2 o’clock for children; I’ll be participating in that. And we’re just going to be a panel up there and let the kids ask us questions and various disciplines - we’ve got a Goddard Space Telescope guy that’s going to be there, other scientists, me - we’ll have a number of scientists in various disciplines to answer questions,” Mullane said.

Mullane says a second panel discussion for adults is at 4 p.m. And he'll be presenting another program at 6 p.m.,


“I’ll be doing a program that I call “Spaceflight Revealed,” where I’ll be showing video, some slides and talking about the entire spaceflight experience - at least for the Shuttle - what it was like to launch on a Shuttle and live and work in space,” Mullane said.


Mullane says he has no real recollection of Neil Armstrong making his famous footprint on the moon because he was busy flying combat missions in Vietnam.

However, as he writes in one of many of his bogs, “Apollo 11 was the greatest engineering accomplishment in the history of mankind and a monument to American exceptionalism.”

Mullane says as a child and a young adult he absorbed everything he could about the U.S. space program and that’s how he knew he wanted to be an astronaut.


You can read Mullane's newest blog post titled "A Vietnam Vet's Appolo 11 Memories" here and you can see all his blogs here.


The programs on Friday are free, according to Mullane.


Kelli Steele has over 30 years of experience covering news in Delaware, Baltimore, Winchester, Virginia, Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California.